Building your plant pot village


Building Your Plant Pot Village

Having trouble deciding which Village Pots you would like in your village?

We recommend first establishing how much space you have available. Once you have the measurement of the width and depth, you can begin working out which of the pots will fit.

The corner buildings, Hotel, Deli, and Bakery, have with two “street-fronts” and have been designed to act as bookends for your village street if you so desire. If you decide to go with these, find the sizes in the description in our shop and add 4cm to the width and depth to allow for the provided saucer.

Once you have decided on your end buildings, it is a simple matter of continuing to add the 4cm to the width and depth to each of the sizes until you have arrived at a set of pots that fit your space beautifully!

So now you know which pots you want, the only thing remaining is deciding what you would like to put in them. If you have a spot near your kitchen with lots of natural light, the village pots would make a superb herb garden. In a shadier spot, perhaps a collection of ferns or other shade loving plants? Whatever you choose, try to avoid plants that drape too much over the sides of your pots, or you risk hiding all the lovely details.

We recommend placing liner pots inside our pots, so that they can easily be lifted out and bottom watered from time to time. This also helps to retain moisture for thirstier plants and to prevent mineral deposits forming on the pots from watering.

Alternatively, you can achieve a similar result by painting the inside of the pot and saucer with pond sealer.

However you decide to plant up your pots, we hope you adore your little village and hope that it brings you pleasure for many years to come!

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